Pella, Iowa Tulip Festival

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A couple weeks ago, my boyfriend and I traveled the two and a half hours to Pella, Iowa for their Annual Tulip Festival. I only first heard about it earlier this month from my co-worker, but it only took one google search to convince me that we had to go! It has museums, Dutch pastries, and of course TULIPS!

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Pella, Iowa was founded in 1847 when 800 Dutch imigrants settled there, led by Hendrik P. Scholte, whose house was turned into a very cool museum that we toured, but the coolest was probably the Vermeer Mill, which actually works by the way. It makes flour that the local bakeries use to make delicious Dutch letters!

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The weather was little bit iffy, but the rain held off until we were on our way back to the parking lot luckily. This is one of the very last photos I took, and you can see it was getting pretty cloudy.


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This is the downtown area, made to look like a little version of Holland!


_DSC0642 copy

_DSC0671 copy

There were two older men making shoes while we were there, using traditional (and enormous) tools to do it!

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I really, really enjoyed the miniature Dutch Village. It was inside the Vermeer Mill!

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I will definitely make the trip next year if I can, but for now I only have eyes for Kentucky. Memorial Day weekend, I am going to Cave City, Kentucky to get my VERY FIRST National Parks stamp in my passport. I am BEYOND excited!!


Wants Wednesday # 7

This dress is to die for!


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I’ve always been really into opals.

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This was made for me

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I love everything about this candle. The label, the name, the fact that it’s based out of Salem!

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This pink desk is a dream.

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Pretty underwear forever.

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The cutest hand cream I’ve ever seen!

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Happy Wednesday!

Maquoketa Caves

Last weekend I went to Maquoketa, IA to explore their Maquoketa Caves State Park. I hadn’t been there for a few years, and it’s just as cool as it was then! The weather was pefect, and the only downside was the CRAZY about of bugs (I assume gnats) and I forgot sunscreen. It was kind of an impromptu trip so I wasn’t sufficiently prepared.



















I want to go back in the fall and see all the pretty colors changing, I’m sure it’s beautiful!

Wants Wednesday #5

I’ve been looking for a calendar to hang on the wall, and this one so pretty! They also have a bunch of really pretty note sets.


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I don’t necessarily use or need a coin purse, but if I did, I think this would be the one.


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How sweet are these black cat prints?? I could definitely find a home for these babies.


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Ever since I was little, I’ve looooved ladybugs. Kate Spade and Keds are killing it with these ladybug print shoes. (But holy cow, they are $75.)


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So precious.


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Me in the morning.


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Ugh, I love patches so much, but I have nothing to do with them so I feel like I shouldn’t buy any. I need to buy a denim jacket or something!


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I’ve been on the hunt for new sandals, but I just can’t find any I really like. These would work I think, but I’m always wary about buying shoes I haven’t tried on.

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Have a good one!

Chippiannock Cemetery

My really good friend Olivia told me about this really cool, old cemetery in Rock Island and she said I HAD to check it out. This week I finally went there, and it was beautiful! So many gorgeous old headstones, and some local celebrities are buried there!















I am already planning another visit to one of our other super old cemeteries in Davenport!

Road trip Essentials

I am SO excited for the road trip coming up next month, it’s all I can think about! It’s going to be the first trip I’ve taken without family, so it’s kind of scary in a way. but it’s going to be so great. Anyway, this post is a collection of things I would love to take on my road trip. (In my dream life, because I am not made of money, hah!)

I definitely plan on bringing a backpack. I don’t want to worry about carrying my purse around all day and it’ll make storage easy for anything I buy. This backpack is real cute. Modcloth has a great collection of travel accesories.


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I’m thinking that a faux leather envelope like this would be perfect for keeping track of tickets and brochures and other paper things I collect along the way.


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One of my all time favorite bloggers over at The Dainty Squid is always talking about how much she loves her many pairs of Palladium shoes. I definitely trust her taste in shoes, so these would be perfect for hiking through Mammoth Cave National Park and exploring all the caves. They come in a ton of cool colors, but I am really into these simple black ones.


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First of all, I am real pale. So, I will be bringing SPF 1000 with me on the trip, and I’m thinking a pretty hat wouldn’t hurt as well. Especially if it’s this adorable one that Liz blogged about over on Delightfully Tacky.


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Seeing as how it’s going to be summer time in North Carolina, I definitely need some cute sandals! Of course, I want the black and white print pair.

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I usually just have my makeup out on the sink counter top, so I’m going to need a bag to keep it all together while traveling. I love this moth print one!


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I will already be taking my Nikon D90 as well as my 35mm Minolta, but I would love to take a Holga camera with me on the trip!

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Since it’s going to be pretty hot and humid, I’m guessing its going to be a lot of tank tops for me. So a light jersey tank like this would be perfect. (Side note. Charlotte Russe is killin it with their black and white striped things lately.)

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I can’t wait to go!

Wants Wednesday # 3

 How precious is this ring??



I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen a more perfect pillow.

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As everyone knows, I love love love avocados!

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I’m not usually drawn to plaid, but this shirt is doing it for me.


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I have at least 10 pairs of glasses and these would make a nice addition to my collection, especially because I don’t have any round frames like this. (Unfortunately, these ones are sold, but the rest of the shop is full of gorgeous frames.)

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I don’t even know what I would do with this crazy carrot body pillow, but It’s so stinking cute!


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Yes please!!


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Another great black and white striped top to add to my growing collection. Modcloth is the best.

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Happy Wednesday!


A couple weeks ago my sister and I took my nephew Benjamin to VanderVeer park (which he is obsessed with) and I got some great shots of Spring finally coming around. We’ve still had some pretty chilly days here, including today, which is bumming me out, but it’s supposed to start getting warmer so hopefully it will stick!

I love blooming trees!


Tulips are one of my all time favorite flowers.


Hyacinth is THE best smelling flower.


There were SO many bees swarming this tree!



We got lucky because the conservatory was free that day!


I love greenhouses so much. Plus, it was much warmer in there than outside, hah!


Check out this shade of purple!




Who doesn’t love cactus?



I have my sights set on a park in Clinton, Iowa I will be posting about soon so keep an eye out!

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